OFEEFAN Women’s Cold Shoulder Tunic Top T-Shirt Swing Dress Review

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In this article we’ll put the spotlight on the OFEEFAN Women's Cold Shoulder Tunic Top T-Shirt Swing Dress.

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Our rating: 8 / 10

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The OFEEFAN Women's Cold Shoulder Tunic Top T-Shirt Swing Dress with Pockets is the best dress I've worn. I love the soft, stretchy, lightweight fabric. It has all the features you can look for in a formal dress.

This dress feels like it's made of a nice, less shiny material than most dresses. I like that the neckline is nicely rounded. This dress is also available in other colors, like black and brown.

Overall, it's a great dress. I'm going to use it as my Christmas party dress. I've heard a lot of good things about it from others.

It's not as good as the dress I use to wear for parties. It just won't fit in all of the pockets no matter how many times I've tried to make it fit. The pockets look cute, but are a bit smaller than the size of my phone.

I'm hesitant to use these pockets for anything important. The fabric is really soft and comfortable to wear.

The fit is great. I was able to wear this to a wedding without feeling off balance or like it was too tight.

Large pockets are always a plus in a dress! I really like the position of the pockets on this dress. They are a bit bigger than the pockets on my other dress.

I really do like this dress. I didn't like the fact that the dress was just hanging on me and it came all the way to my knee. I think it may be because I ordered an XS. I think if I got one size up, the dress would fit better.

Be careful when washing this. I ended up with a hole in the material. It wasn't a bad enough tear to matter.

I'm happy with this dress. It's super comfy and it's my favorite dress to wear!

The fabric is super soft and stretchy! I love the wide comfy straps that don't fall off your shoulders. I love the side pockets, and the length of the shirt.

This dress is true to size. I was concerned it would be to tight with a belt, however it fits perfectly.

I was looking for a dress to go with sandals or flats I got a pair of dressy black sandals and the dress was just perfect!

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