2019 New Women’s Wedding Dress Review

Iris Wisher
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We had our experts take a look at the 2019 New Women's Wedding Dress to provide you with the inside scoop on its qualities.

Does the good reputation hold up or not? Let’s find out!

Our rating: 7 / 10

Cost: $

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  • You get what you pay for. This dress is going at an amazing price-point!
  • The material is great for the price. It's not super high-quality, but at this price I was expecting cheap material. The material is surprisingly nice for the price!
  • The top of the dress looks great. It's not going to wow anyone, but I never expected it to. I'll likely wear a nice shirt/blazer over it since its lace. But for what it was at the price, I was quite impressed.
  • I love the style. It's not gaudy and it's not heavy. Just pretty and simple. A lot better than the other two I purchased at this price that were both too short and too bright for what I wanted.
  • I purchased one size up. It fits just fine and I'm not trying to fit into a dress a size too small. I'm actually happy this one is the size it is.


  • This is obviously not a great dress if you plan on wearing it for a special occasion. But for a December wedding, etc, it's great!
  • It wrinkles easily, but my other dresses are all wrinkled as well. I think it may be just the style.

Whether you are looking for a wedding dress or a casual party dress to your next event, this dress is perfect for you. This dress is true to size and super comfortable. It has an empire waist silhouette with a simple yet trendy neckline. The straps are adjustable and the dress can be paired with a pair of black pantyhose for a more comfortable fit.

The dress can be paired with a clutch or a pair of brown strappy sandals. This dress can be dressed up with pumps for a night-out look. Its loose waist will make you look like you are not constricted and has plenty of room to move around in.

This is a great dress for any occasion where you don't want to feel constricted – whether that's a night-out, a wedding, or just a casual dinner.

This dress is made of 100% Chiffon.

The dress has all over pleated bodice with a plunging V-neck and is framed in semi-sheer, floor-length chiffon.

The dress is versatile and will work equally well on any occasion you choose to wear it for. It can be paired with a clutch or your favorite pair of pumps for a more formal look

This dress is so cute and is sure to impress any of your friends at your next outdoor party.

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